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Singing From The Same Joke Book

, , , | Learning | July 9, 2014

(During rehearsal, the band director is going through each section separately to work on problem areas. He tends to “sing,” rather badly, notes and rhythms every time we struggle with something.)

Director: “Okay, I think that wraps that up for the flutes. Now for the saxophones…”

Flutist #1: *yells out to the band director* “Hey, can we sing this part at the end?”

Director: “No. No one wants to hear you sing.”

Me: “No one wants to hear you sing, either, but you do it all the time.”

(I slap my hand over my mouth as the rest of the class giggles. I hadn’t meant to say that out loud and was afraid the band director would punish me, but he has a sense of humor.)

Director: *laughing* “You’re lucky you’re one of my best students.”

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