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Sing For The Joy Of Singing

, , , , | Romantic | December 27, 2020

I love to sing, but from a young age, I’ve been told that I’m not good at it and I shouldn’t sing by multiple people, including my dad and brothers. I do anyway, but not within earshot of anyone.

One night, I am in the living room and my boyfriend is in the kitchen cooking. He is watching videos on his phone, and I have the radio playing. A couple of my favorite songs come on. I start singing softly, stopping after a minute or two, only to start again. This same process repeats over and over, and on the sixth or seventh song, my boyfriend yells from the kitchen:


Turns out I wasn’t as soft as I thought and he could hear me. He was pausing his video to listen to me sing. I guess it got annoying to hear the thing he was listening to buffer every minute. He asked me on the next song to sing all the way through so he could listen to me. He’s the only one that likes to listen to me sing and says I have a great voice.

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