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Simon Gives Up

| Learning | August 7, 2015

(I’m twelve, and my grade has been allowed to play Simon Says outside to blow off some steam at the end of the school day. I’m out of the game pretty early on, and end up standing next the classmate being this round’s Simon. It should be noted that we don’t have school buses, so most of the kids will be walking home once school is done.)

Classmate: “Simon says jump!”

(The kids jump.)

Classmate: “Take a step to the right!”

(A few kids take a step to the right, and being out of the game, walk over to the rest of us. I look at my watch and find it’s only ten minutes left of the school day.)

Me: “Hey. I dare you to yell ‘Simon says go home.'”

Classmate: “Simon says go home!”

(The majority of the kids cheer, run to get their backpacks left outside the school building, and disappear, while the teacher tries to stop them.)

Teacher: “No, wait, we’re not done!”

Me: *laughing* “Simon says come back!”

(In the end, we only had a quarter of the kids in the grade left. We were allowed to leave early as well, by a very exasperated teacher.)

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