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Silly Grandma! Tricks Are For Kids!

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My mother watches my children while I work. I come to pick them up and she starts lecturing me.

Mom: “You need to start getting up earlier. You need to allow enough time to feed them breakfast before they get here. You dropped them off and you probably weren’t even to the end of the street, and they were asking for cereal. I asked them if you fed them breakfast and they said no. They need to eat breakfast. I don’t mind feeding them but—”

I finally manage to interrupt.

Me: “Kids, did you eat breakfast today?”

Kid #1: “Yeah. We had oatmeal.”

Kid #2: “Dad made it for him and us. It had cinnamon!”

Me: “So, no, I didn’t give them breakfast. Their father did. But they ate breakfast.”

Mom: “So why did you tell me you didn’t have breakfast?”

Kid #1: “I said my mom didn’t feed us. Because Dad did.”

Mom: “Why did you ask for food here, then?”

Kid #2: “We don’t have sugar cereal at my house. You do!”

Fortunately, Grandma learned to be more precise in her questions.

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