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Silent Protest

| Learning | August 7, 2013

(It is the time of some legendary student protests, and I am the local organizer for my school. We are out on the schoolyard with a bullhorn to announce a walk-out, but things aren’t going so well. A teacher’s assistant, known for being ex-military and very strict, approaches us.)

Assistant: “So, what are you protesting?”

Me: *explains the issues*

Assistant: “You kids ought to be in your classes, learning, so you’ll be able to change the world without that bullhorn some day.”

Me: “Don’t you think that actively participating in the democratic process is educational as well?”

Assistant: “I just don’t see why you kids don’t just go and study. Besides, the teachers knew you were coming and they are keeping everybody inside.”

Me: “Well, we have to try, anyway. If enough walk out, the rest will follow. They are afraid of detention, but they can’t give the whole school detention.”

Assistant: “You know, I think you kids are nuts. But I have a break now, so I’m going to get some coffee in [other building some 10 minutes away]. I seem to have forgotten my key. Make sure no one pushes the BIG BUTTON over there, will you?”

(The teacher’s assistant points out EXACTLY where the big button is located. With that he walks off. We push the button, the bell rings, and the school empties completely.)

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