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Silence Is Golden

, , , , | Right | May 25, 2022

It’s Armistice Day, and like the rest of the country, our little charity is observing two minutes of silence in honour of the fallen. Several of us are working in the kitchen at the time and have stopped for the silence together. After roughly a minute, the quiet is broken by the sound of a bell ringing throughout the site, intended to alert to the phone ringing if no-one is in the office. I share a surprised look with one of the other volunteers but try to ignore it because the office on the other side of the site from us and I know our administrator is there today.

It just keeps ringing, all the way through the remaining minute of silence. A few seconds after the silence concludes, the ringing ends and we all get back to our duties.

During our lunch break, I head over to the office for a chat with the admin, the topic of the caller quickly comes up, and she tells me what happened. Sure enough, she had been there and remained observing the silence while the phone rang away. Our admin is a straight-talking, takes-no-crap-from-anybody kind of lady who lost several great-granduncles in World War I, so naturally, this didn’t go down well with her. Once it concluded, she picked up the phone to hear an older, huffy-sounding woman on the other end. Unfortunately for her, our admin also has a good temper and a sense of timekeeping.

Admin: “Good morning, [Charity] helpline.”

Caller: “Well, it’s about time. I thought I was going to go to an answering machine with how long you were taking!”

Admin: “I’m sorry for the delay in answering. I was observing the two minutes silence.”

Caller: “Oh… OH! I’m so sorry! I had completely lost track of time!”

The caller was much more polite after that, and the admin was able to help them with their concern. At least they managed to give us volunteers a decent story to share that day!

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