Signs You May Be Psychic

| Friendly | August 15, 2014

(I am driving two of my friends through town to an event that begins at a specific time. One is in the passenger seat, and the other is behind him in the rear-passenger seat. Despite being in their early 30s, neither of them possesses a license of their own.)

Friend #1: *looking at the traffic building up ahead* “Wow, it’s really busy today. You don’t think we’re going to be late, do you?”

Friend #2: “Kinda wish we’d come out earlier, or we’re going to miss the start at this rate.”

Me: “Nah, we’ll be fine. The traffic’s just here because of the roadworks, and they’re only another couple of miles down this road, just before the roundabout. After that it’s all clear for the rest of the way.”

(Both of my friends glance at each other in the mirror, clearly looking astonished at my incredible ability to see into the future.)


(I point out the window – to THEIR side of the car – at the bright yellow sign set up on the pavement that we’re slowly driving past. It details everything that I have just told them, including a simple picture of the roundabout itself.)

Me: “There’s been one of those things every 400 yards for the last four miles. Did you SERIOUSLY not see any of them?”

Friend #2: “Well, now I’m just disappointed that you’re not actually psychic…”

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