‘Signs’ Of A Crazy Person

| Reno, NV, USA | Friendly | May 18, 2015

(My sign language class is doing an exercise where we are telling a story a few signs at a time and going around the whole class, each person repeating the story and adding on. We came up with something very interesting…)

Story: “On Monday, my cat scratched me and ran away. I saw the cat climb up a tree. The cat fell out of the tree and died. I bought a sea turtle and we went to the beach to swim. Then my sea turtle ran away to search for a horse. The horse ran up a tree, and then fell out and onto the sea turtle. They then made a seahorse named David. I rode the seahorse to Reno, then shot him, put him in a box, and mailed him to my ex-husband. My ex-husband died. Along came a giant spider who ate my dog, then ate me.”

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