Signs Are For Weaklings

| | Right | October 27, 2007

Customer: “Can I have a vanilla ice cream?”

Me: “Sure, but we don’t have ice cream. I can sell you a vanilla frozen yogurt.”

Customer: “This is frozen yogurt?”

Me: “Yea, that’s why there’s a giant sign outside the store that says FROZEN YOGURT.”

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  • Denton Young


    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Trillium

    Meh, and a store called “CHOCOLATE” in my town sells also non-chocolate ice creams, coffee, tea, etc.
    And place called Hurracan Coffee has no hurricanes, but has pastries.

    What a sign says means little.

    • Dsru Bin

      Yes, but the customer was surprised to find out that they sold frozen yogurt. I understanding walking in to “CHOCOLATE”, asking for coffee, and getting surprised that they don’t sell coffee. But this story was the equivalent of walking in to “CHOCOLATE”, asking for coffee, being told that they can sell you a hot chocolate instead, and saying, “You sell chocolate here?”

      • Trillium

        good point
        I guess at first reading I misimagined the intonations.