The Signature Reason You’re An Idiot

, , , , , | Working | April 30, 2018

I am ordering business cards for one of my coworkers, who is notorious for having what my boss likes to call “small man syndrome” [he’s short, so he compensates with his attitude]. He rejects the first proof that I send him because he wants a second job title added to it. Yes, he has given himself a second role.

I’m gagging internally, but his manager has approved it, and I want to get rid of him, so I have the proof amended to what he wants. The printing company automatically corrects the spelling of one of the words in his second role to the British version. I send the updated proof to my coworker, who approves it. Then, five minutes later, I get a second email telling me that his second job title is spelled wrong.

Being non-confrontational, I email back, “Are you sure? S is the American way; Z is used in English.” His response is, “No, it’s an S. Read my signature.”

Oh, the email signature that you created?

Now, I’m pissed, but, like I said, non-confrontational. So I order the cards the way he wants them. Petty, yes, but I like to think that our educated clients will read them and laugh at him.

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