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*Sigh* I’ll Just Write A Review… I Guess

, , , , | Working | January 19, 2022

This is the third time I’ve called my bank today. The last two calls cut out unexpectedly as I was waiting. After half an hour, I’m still on the phone. I’ve got the phone on speaker and I’m washing up. Suddenly, I hear a voice, dry my hands, and grab the phone.

Me: “Hello, yes, I’d like to set up online banking.”

Employee: “What’s your account number?”

Me: “Sure, one second.”

I’m running up the stairs to get back to where I was sitting.

Employee: “We do ask that you have the details ready.”

Me: “Yes, I did half an hour ago, when I rang. Just give me a second.”

Employee: *Sighs* “If you don’t have the information, please ring back.”

Me: “No, I’ve got it, hang on. Here it is. It’s [account number].”

Employee: “And what’s [list of other information]?”

I go through the list of other details.

Employee: “Well, I guess you’re set up. Do you want to answer…” *sigh* “…a short survey to tell us how we did today?”

Me: “You know what? Yes, I will.”

Employee: “Okay, please hold.”

I got disconnected immediately. I wonder what her rating is if she always hangs up on people wanting to give feedback.

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