Sick Of Your Assumed Racism!

, , , , | Working | December 18, 2018

(One of the few employees I get along with, an older black woman with two young children, is chatting with me one day during a break. At the end of the break, the manager on duty pulls me aside. Being the only person I truly get along with, we are always really casual with one another in our conversation, and having the same sense of humor, we don’t really hold back, though typically we talked outside of our workplace because of it. Our manager, a skinny white guy who looks like he is barely over eighteen, while well-meaning, is typically more or less a busybody.)

Manager: *sounding legitimately distressed* “You can’t say that to people.”

Me: “Say… what? I’m confused.” *scratching my head* “Were we too loud? We were outside and in the back like usual.”

Manager: “No, not that, you said, ‘People like you are tougher, anyway.’”

Me: *more confused*

Manager: “Listen, I won’t write you up, but you can’t use that kind of racially-motivated language.”

Me: “Racially-motivated? We were talking about her kids… and how seeing throw-up didn’t bother her the way it did me. I was… What?”

(If you’ve never seen a man so pasty white turn red from that kind of embarrassment before, it is truly a sight to see. Neither of us hated him for it, but she was sad she didn’t get to see him turn that red.)

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