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Sick And Tired Of This Garbage

, , , , , | Working | December 7, 2022

I work in a supermarket as well as in a daycare centre. I’ve been lucky for a long time, but eventually, I do catch the dreaded [contagious illness]. I’m only out for about one and a half weeks, so I feel that’s not too bad at all, and though my energy is REALLY low, I still manage to come to work with a smile and overall do a good job.

Unfortunately, because people keep bringing their sick children to the daycare centre, and because nobody seems to care about [illness] anymore, no one’s wearing masks and everyone is coughing in each other’s faces. I get sick again about a week after I start working again. The daycare centre people are very concerned and considerate, but the supermarket is a different story.

I send a text to the supermarket to report sick on Monday evening, as is protocol. I get no response, so I call on Tuesday morning.

Me: “Hi, I’m really sorry, but I can’t come to work tomorrow. I got out of work sick on Monday, and I’m still feeling terrible. I have a high fever, I’ve been throwing up, and I can barely contain a little water now.”

Boss: “Oh. Well. Hmm. That’s really inconvenient.”

Me: “I know, I’m sorry. I’m supposed to start at ten. Someone can cover for me from two thirty to five, so that’s something at least—”

I have to throw up again.

Me: “Sorry, gotta go.”

I start puking what’s left of my guts out. About two minutes later, my boss calls me again.

Boss: “You have to try to help us out in the morning at least. It’s only for a few hours anyway. If you don’t, your coworker will be all alone.”

Me: *Taken aback* “Well, I’m sorry, but that’s not an option. I’m very sick. I still have a fever, and I can’t eat or drink.”

Boss: “Yeah, well, get some rest and call me back at three o’clock.”

I do.

Me: “Hi. Look, I know this is difficult, but my fever isn’t dropping, and I still can only drink a tiny bit of water. I’d rather not sit at a till all green and woozy.”

Boss: “Yeah, well, we can’t get anyone to cover for you, so you’ll just have to be there. Besides, you’ve been sick so much already lately.”

Me: *After a stunned pause* “Excuse me?! I’m not doing this for fun, you know! I am actually not well.”

Boss: “Yeah, yeah. Look, just try. You still have half the day and the whole night. Call us tomorrow morning at eight.”

What the h***? I’ll call them all right, saying that I’m not going to risk my own health AND THAT OF MANY OTHER PEOPLE during an ongoing GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS. I’m NOT going to be spreading all my germs in a busy supermarket. And when I feel better, I’m gonna quit. This isn’t worth it.

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