Siblings Who Drive You Crazy

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(I learned the hard way not to buy anything from my elder sister; she still believed she owned it. She decides to sell her first car when she gets married and Dad, knowing that I am in the market for a car, talks me into buying it. I am earning limited money but always make sure I have petrol in the car. After not driving it for a few days I would get in to find a significant difference in petrol levels. I would leave it filled and find it on empty on numerous occasions. I always leave the spare key in case my father needs the car, but know he would never leave me without petrol.)

Me: “Dad, who’s using my car when I’m at work?”

Dad: “Your sister. I thought you knew. I gave her the keys because she said she asked you.”

Me: “No, she didn’t. I’m going to be hiding the keys from now on. Give me a call at work if you need the car.”

Dad: “It can’t be that much of a problem, can it?”

Me: “It’s costing me money; I fill the car and the next time I get back in it’s empty.”

(A few days later, I am ill so don’t go to work and I find my sister searching in the place where I usually keep my keys.)

Me: “They aren’t there.”

Sister: *jumps* “What aren’t there?”

Me: “My keys. You won’t find them.”

Sister: “But I need the car; give me the keys.”

Me: “No, I need the car to drive to the doctor’s. Oh, and I don’t appreciate that you lied to Dad to get my car.”

Sister: “But it was my car first.”

Me: “What part of selling it to me don’t you understand? You know, if you replaced the petrol you used I wouldn’t have known.”

Sister: “But it’s your car. Why would I put petrol in your car?”

Me: “Because. You. Used. It.”

(And no, she didn’t get it.)

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