Sibling Robbery

| Learning | March 26, 2013

(The school bus drivers are on strike. As a result, all the parents have to drive to the school to pick up their children. It can get very busy, and the teachers are struggling with coordination. I am picking up my two young sons. They are my only children. I spot them talking to a teacher.)

Me: “Come on boys, time to go home.”

Teacher: “Ah! Mrs. [Name]! I’m so glad you’re here. Your daughter is waiting for you upstairs.”

Me: “My daughter?”

Teacher: “Yes. We know it’s complete chaos here at the moment, and—”

Me: “I have a daughter?”

Teacher: “—we really appreciate your patience at this time—”

Me: “But, I don’t have a daughter.”

Teacher: “—but rest assured that—”

(Since the teacher isn’t listening, I look to my two young boys.)

Me: “Why does she think I have a daughter?”

Son: “I don’t know, but stay quiet! We can take home a new sister!”

(Thankfully, the bus strike was over before I had stray children living in my house!)

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