Sibling Rivalry Is A Scream

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My family lives in an apartment, at the unit at the end of the corridor. The lift (elevator), though, is around the corner. My brother and I are close in age, and tend to try to scare each other by hiding around the corner where the lift is.

One day, I successfully scared my brother. He vowed revenge and I tried to be extra careful the next times I went out. A couple days later, my brother and I had to go out together. He went off first while I stayed to lock the gate.

As I was locking the gate, my (elderly) neighbour came out and started towards the lift. I tried to hurry and intercept her, but I didn’t make it in time. I got to the corner in time to see my brother jumping out and screaming “AHHHH!” thinking that that was me. My neighbour, in turn, gave as good as she got, and screamed loudly before whacking at my brother with her cane.

Of course, my brother blamed me for not warning him. I dined on that incident for weeks.

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