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Sibling Count Rivalry

| Related | February 1, 2013

(I have two children, and no more are forthcoming at this point. I have a discussion with my four-year-old.)

Son: “I only have one brother.”

Me: “Yes, you do.”

Son: “And I like him a lot.”

Me: “Good to know.”

Son: “But it’s not fair.”

Me: “What isn’t fair?”

Son: “That I only have one brother. [Classmate] has two brothers. And [other classmate] has two brothers and he has a sister. I want a sister! I want more brothers!”

Me: *shocked and dumbfounded*

Son: “It’s just not fair, Mom, that I only get one brother and no sisters, when everybody else has more brothers and some sisters! It’s just… I want a sister!” *dissolves into tears*

(My younger son has been watching this exchange with a look of total confusion.)

Me: *to younger son* “Do you want a sister?”

Younger Son: “No. I want a dinosaur.”

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