Shy On The Sly

| Related | June 14, 2013

(My mom is taking my brother, aged eighteen months, to our regular pediatrician for his check-up. By chance, she gets a new member of the practice: a very young doctor who has never met my family.)

Doctor: “…and he’s sleeping through the night in his own bed, right?”

Mom: “Well, he sleeps through the night, but usually he’s either in bed with me and his dad, or he climbs in with his big brother.”

(The doctor looks shocked.)

Doctor: “Oh, don’t you know the latest studies show you shouldn’t encourage that? Children who don’t sleep by themselves can become very shy and clingy!”

Mom: “Really? Shy and clingy? Let’s try something.”

(She picks up my brother and walks out of the exam room and down the hall with him, then puts him down and faces the doctor.)

Mom: “Call him.”

(The doctor calls my brother’s name. My brother immediately trots back along the hall, goes into the exam room, and starts telling the doctor all about his day. My mom gives it a good minute and a half before she comes back to the exam room herself.)

Mom: “Shy and clingy?”

Doctor: “…let me see what vaccinations he needs.”

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