Shutting Them Down Was A Work Of Art

| Learning | May 5, 2017

(I am taking an illustration course. The teachers never approve of my work, since it is ‘too cartoony’ or ‘too manga’. One of the teachers goes through class, to see what we are working on. A woman is working on a few sketches. The teacher looks at what she’s doing and takes the papers… only to shred them apart!)

Teacher: “This is wrong! You should not do it like this! Don’t ever do this again!”

(The woman accepted ‘the feedback’ meekly, but I noticed I was working the same way. My art means everything to me and I was next…)

Teacher: “[My Name], this…”

Me: “I know, but these are just sketches. I’m used to working differently and last time a teacher touched my work, he drew with ballpoint pen on it and it really upset me. I made a vow that if anyone touches my art without my permission again, I will just walk out and never return.”

Teacher: *obviously uncomfortable* Oh… okay…” *walks on*

(I know I am a difficult person to teach when it comes to art, but as a teacher myself: you NEVER touch a student’s art work and you NEVER EVER destroy it.)

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