Shut Your Frap!

, , , , | Right | November 11, 2019

(I visit the [Coffee Shop] around the corner from my apartment every morning to get coffee before work. I am there so much the baristas have all learned my name and how to spell and pronounce it, and they sometimes even start making my drink the moment I walk in. This is to say, I’ve developed a rapport with them. One morning, I come in and there are two women in line in front of me. I don’t hear their order when they place it but I can tell from their demeanor that they are grumpy and in bad moods. After we both place our orders, we all move to where the drinks come out and this happens.)

Barista: “I have a frappuccino for [Customer]!” *places it on counter*

Customer: “Excuse me. I ordered a cappuccino. Who orders a frappuccino in this weather?! Are you serious?!”

Barista: “My apologies, ma’am. I will remake that right away.”

(The woman grumbles and turns to me.)

Customer: “Can you believe them? This is so ridiculous! What a stupid mistake, right?”

Me: “I’m going to stop you right there, ma’am. I come in here every day. They know me. I’m not going to say a single bad thing about them. Furthermore, cappuccino and frappuccino sound very much alike. Easy mistake to make.”

(She looked like she wanted to respond but instead stayed silent until her drink was remade. After she left, the barista mouthed “Thank you” to me.)

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