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Shut That Down By Shutting That Window

, , , | Right | September 17, 2021

I am fourteen. It’s a morning shift working drive-thru. I’m the person that hands you your card. My coworker finishes an order and they pull up to my window. It’s three twenty-year-old guys.

Me: “All righty, your total is $16.80.”

Guy #1: “All right.” *Hands me his card*

[Guy #2] is right next to him while [Guy #3] is in the backseat. While [Guy #1] is handing me the card, [Guy #3] moans and the other two start laughing. I ignore this and continue the transaction. I then hand the card back and pull them forward, BUT they pull up just a little to where [Guy #3] can face me.

Guy #3: “You’re beautiful, very pretty!”

Me: *In my customer service voice* “Thank you, sir, but please pull forward!”

I then slammed the window on him and walked away before he had the CHANCE! No way in h*** was THAT gonna happen!