Showering In Hell And High Water

| Friendly | March 10, 2017

(I have just stepped into the shower, when I hear the doorbell ring. I ignore it, but whoever it is incessantly rings the doorbell. Finally, I get out, pull on a robe, and go across the hall into my bedroom, where the window is close to the door, so I can talk to whoever is outside. Outside are two elderly gentlemen.)

Me: “Hello?”

Gentleman #1: “Hi, we’re from [Baptist Church] and we were in the neighborhood and thought to say hello.”

(Just a note, I’m dripping wet, wearing nothing but a shower cap and a bathrobe, something very obvious, even through the window. I decide to just go with the quick route.)

Me: “No, thank you. We’re Catholic.”

Gentleman #1: “Oh, that’s fine. We’d still like to say hi! Have you…”

(I slam the window down, pull the blinds, and return to my shower. They must have left at some point, as I didn’t hear the doorbell ring again.)

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