Showering Compliments

, , , , | Friendly | April 16, 2018

(I’m staying at my in-laws’ cabin at the lake. This cabin is in a campground that has shower buildings for everyone to use. The shower buildings also have toilets. As you’d expect, there’s one shower building for the men, and another for the women. I’ve decided that I need to answer the call of nature, so I amble over to the women’s building. Just as I’m about to do my business:)

Man’s Voice: *says something I don’t catch*

Me: *thinking* “Oh, no. I must have gotten into the men’s building by mistake! What do I do? Maybe he just needs a toilet and will be out of here quickly.”

(The shower starts.)

Me: *thinking* “Aw, great. He’s having a shower. Who knows how long he’ll be here? Maybe I should run out while he’s showering and hope he doesn’t see me.”

(Just then…)

Woman’s Voice: *giggling* “Ooh, this water is hot!”

Man’s Voice: “Not as hot as you!”

Me: *thinking* “Ah. I’m in the right building after all, but I’d still better get out of here before things get really embarrassing.” *runs*

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