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Show This Employee The Pink Slip

| Working | March 8, 2016

(I’m shopping with my friend for a new laptop. We are both female. My friend goes up to a salesman.)

Friend: “Hi. We are here to shop for a new laptop. Wh—”

(The salesman cuts her off, and raises his hand, making a sign to follow him. We do, thinking he’ll listen to the actual question once in the correct department, or let us look around first, but he proceeds to show us one laptop specifically.)

Salesman: “Here, a cute little laptop. It’s all pink with a beautiful little webcam!”

(My friend and I stare at each other in disbelief.)

Me: “Nope!”

(We proceed to walk away fast, but can still hear him:)

Salesman: “But it’s a great little WEBCAM! And it’s PINK! PIIIIINK!”

(We ended up shopping online.)

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