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Should’ve Kept Her Resume On Ice

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I’m in the drive-thru and order an unsweetened iced tea with my food. After receiving my order, I pull forward and out of the way so I can add some non-sugar sweetener to my tea. As I’m about to drive off, I take my first sip. BLECH!

Apparently, they gave me sweet tea. Together with the added sweetener, it is undrinkable, so I park the car and go inside. I go up to the counter and get the attention of one of the employees. I recognize her as being relatively new, because the last time I was there — maybe a week ago, possibly more — she had another employee shadowing her at the register teaching her what to do.

I explain to her what happened and ask for a replacement. She takes my cup and looks confused. I also tell her she can just pour out the contents and use the same cup. Still with the puzzled look on her face, she finds the manager. After she speaks with him for a moment, he takes the cup and dumps the whole thing in the trash, says something back to her, and she proceeds to get me a replacement.

First, she gets a new cup, and then she heads to the iced tea dispenser… and realizes she has no ice in this new cup. She begins to look around. Again, she has a confused look on her face. She actually has to ask another employee where to get ice. 

How long do you need to be working at a fast food place before you should be expected to know where the lone ice dispenser behind the counter is located?

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