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Should’ve Gone With Lime Green Instead Of Bright Orange

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I used to bartend at a small dive in a small town. Not long after I started, we stopped accepting credit cards and went cash-only, mostly due to the number of people who would run up large tabs and then leave without paying; the card they left behind would get declined or they would report it stolen the next day and dispute the charge.

At the time, the bar didn’t have security cameras, so we couldn’t prove that the person had actually been the one using their card, even though we were supposed to check ID for credit cards if we didn’t know the person by name already. By state law, we are supposed to check ID for every person entering the premises anyway, even if they are obviously well over twenty-one.

For as long as I worked there, people would periodically act surprised, upset, and sometimes angry about the fact that we didn’t accept cards, even though we had put prominent, bright orange signs up on the front door and on the coolers behind the bar where they were clearly visible, and installed an ATM for convenience. 

One day, a man decides to yell at me for telling him that we only accept payment in cash.

Man: “You have to take my card because you don’t have any signs posted that say you’re cash-only!”

I just stare at him for a second and then point at the sign on the cooler, approximately one foot away from my head, at eye-level, stating, “CASH ONLY,” in four-inch-high lettering.

Me: “There’s a sign on that cooler, too, and another on the front door. We have an ATM over there under the yellow neon sign if you’d like to use it, or there’s a [Bank #1] branch on the corner just that way, and a [Bank #2] branch on the next corner that way.”

I pointed to indicate the direction of each bank. The man angrily opened and closed his mouth like he wanted to argue, apparently decided there was nothing he could say that wouldn’t make him look like even more of an idiot, and left without another word.

I never saw him again. He wasn’t the worst customer I ever had to deal with, by far, but he sure stands out among the stupidest!

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