Shouldn’t Have Tabled This Discussion

, , , | Right | May 29, 2018

(Our company policy is to ask, “Eating in or taking away?” for tax purposes, and it’s the first button we have to press when we start a transaction. More often than not we get customers just giving us huge orders, which we have to memorise, before we can get the chance to ask the question. But on the odd occasion, they just want one item.)

Me: “Hi, how can I help?”

Customer: “Sausage roll, please.”

Me: “Eating in or taking away?”

Customer: “No, that’s it, thanks.”

Me: “Eating in, or taking away?”

Customer: “No, just the sausage roll.”

Me: *trying to take different approach* “Are you sitting at the table?”

Customer: “How much?”

(I tell her the taking-away price, as I have given up at this point. She pays, and goes and sits at the table. I tell her if she wants to sit, she has to pay more.)

Customer: “Well, you didn’t tell me that! You should tell people they have to pay more to sit down.”

(She stormed out before I can answer. I turned to my coworker who started to laugh. Sadly, this happens way too often! Never a dull moment!)

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