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Shouldn’t Do A Copy Of A Copy

| Learning | September 14, 2014

(I’m in my history class. The boy that I’ve been told to sit next to for the last six weeks likes to copy my work. I’ve asked him to stop but have found he’s copied me word for word for the last three weeks whenever we have to take notes from the textbook.)

Teacher: “Right, guys. Turn to the chapter on medieval medicine. I want you to write a paragraph summary.”

Me: *writing* “The practices of the medieval doctors were not all bad; there were some valuable contributions. Practices improved when the doctors realised that they needed to…”

(I look down and see the boy sitting next to me has written the same word for word. I stop writing in pen and get out my pencil.)

Me: *continuing writing* “…needed to stop copying my work.”

(Needless to say, once he realised what he’d just copied down, he stopped trying to copy my work!)

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