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Shouldn’t Be Saying This

| Friendly | March 4, 2016

(I am in a therapy appointment, and we’re talking about my tendency to say that I ‘should’ do things, which leads to guilt and procrastination.)

Therapist: So, when people ‘should’ themselves, it makes things even worse. You need to stop ‘shoulding’ yourself. In fact, this week, your homework is going to be to keep track of how many times you ‘should’ yourself, and to work on ‘shoulding’ yourself as little as possible.”

Me: *starts giggling*

Therapist: “What…?”

Me: *still laughing* “You, uh… you just might want to find a different way of saying that. It sounds… well, it kind of sounds like you’re saying ‘shi*ting yourself.’ I’m sorry. I’m being so childish but…” *I dissolve into giggles, unable to talk anymore*

Therapist: *starts laughing uncontrollably as well* “Well, you shouldn’t be doing that either!”

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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