Shoulda Woulda Coulda

| Working | November 21, 2014

(I work in a factory that makes paper products such as plates and napkins. This takes place between a coworker and another employee who is being trained to operate a machine. The wrapper on the machine is currently being worked on by maintenance. The operator is watching the repairs while the trainee is wandering around sweeping when he should be learning.)

Operator: *to trainee* “You should be over here watching them fix this.”

Trainee: *looks over and continues what he is doing*

(About ten minutes later:)

Operator: *to trainee* “You should really be over here watching this.”

Trainee: *continues sweeping*

(The operator, who I know is one of the most patient operators in the entire plant, continues working with maintenance on the wrapper until the department supervisor shows up and he has a chance to relay what happened to her.)

Supervisor: “[Trainee], why didn’t you go over and watch what they were working on?”

Trainee: “Well, he said I SHOULD, not that I HAVE to.”

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