Should Stick To The Subject You Can Better Grasp

| Learning | May 7, 2014

(For a math teacher, mine is strict about our English. He also has an obsession with water bottles, keeping many on his desk at once.)

Student: “[Teacher], may I go grab a drink?”

Teacher: “Good luck. Make sure to dry your hands before coming back.”

Student: “What?”

Teacher: “Well, water’s wet, so if you GRAB a drink, you will get wet. Just like I’m GRABBING my drink.”

(He proceeds to unscrew one of his many full water bottles, turn it on-end, letting the water spill onto the floor, and tries to grab the stream. The class is shocked.)

Another Student: “Oh, my God, [Teacher]! Why’d you do that?!”

Teacher: “Eh. The custodians will take care of it.”

(He continued class as if nothing had happened. He almost slipped in the puddle once, forgetting that it was there!)

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