Should Stick To Murdering Soy

| Right | July 11, 2017

Me: *walking by a customer looking morosely at the milk* “Can I help you, miss?”

Customer: *sniffs* “I’m sorry. It’s just sad so many cows had to die for us.”

Me: *not clocking on* “Of course. I’ll just leave you to grieve.”

(I walk away and am about halfway down the aisle when I realise.)

Me: “WAIT!” *sprinting back to the customer* “That’s not blood; it’s milk!”

Customer: *bug-eyed* “I thought milk was blood?”

Me: “No, it’s like breast milk. Cow’s blood is red like ours.”

(The woman had quite a headlights moment before actually wetting herself. I’m not sure which I’m more affected by: the fact this woman wet herself upon realising we didn’t slaughter cows en masse to consume their blood, or that this adult woman had gone through her entire life up until then believing milk was actually blood.)

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