Should Provide A Better Beeping Service

| Right | April 14, 2017

(I work at one location of a nationwide chain. One day I answer the phone and start our greeting, only to hear loud beeping sounds, as though the person on the other end is repeatedly hitting the buttons. I’m about to hang up when I hear the man on the other end saying “hello? hello?”)

Me: “Hi, I’m having some trouble hearing you.”

Man: “Hello?! Hello? Have I reached a person? Is this a person?”

(There’s another beeping noise as he hits a button.)

Me: “Yes, this is the [Location] [Business] store.”

Man: “Computer department.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Man: “Computer department. Uhm. IT department!”

Me: “You’ve reached the store.”

Man: “Ugh, transfer me! Eye Teeeeee!”

Me: “The only IT we have is at corporate, located in [Distant State]. I will get you help, if you can tell me your issue.”

Man: “Your website isn’t working.”

Me: “Okay, give me a moment to find their info.”

Man: “You should be the one helping me.”

Me: “I can’t provide tech support for the webpage. I’m just a salesperson.”

Man: “In the yellow pages it listed this as [Business].”

Me: “Yes, the local store, but the website is handled by a different group of people. Okay, there is no direct number I can provide. But, at the bottom of our website is the contact information for the people who handle tech support for the website. There’s a text chat option, or you can email your problem and have them call you back.”

Man: “What good does that do me? I can’t get on your website.”

Me: “You mean you can’t load the website at all?”

Man: “No! And not just you! None of the websites are working today!”

Me: “It sounds like your Internet might not be working. You should probably start by contacting your Internet provider.”

Man: “But it’s your webpage! I want to talk to someone else!”

(He proceeded to push buttons, causing beeping noises on my end, until I finally gave up and hung up.)

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