Should Pencil In Some Microwave Training

| Learning | May 5, 2017

(Our pre-calculus classroom has a microwave students are allowed to use for food. The smell of smoke has slowly entered the room and people are beginning to notice.)

Classmate #1: “Fire!” *points to microwave*

(Sure enough, the microwave has a light coming from inside and smoke is visibly coming from it.)

Teacher: “Okay, who was using the microwave last?”

Classmate #2: *runs to microwave and opens it* “It was me.”

(The class watches as the teacher and the guy who was using the microwave figure out how to try and fix it.)

Classmate #1: “Should we pull the fire alarm?”

Teacher: “Uhm… Is that a pencil in there?”

Classmate #2: “Yeah… I left it there… S***, sorry.”

Classmate #3: “Finally, I’m not the one who sets the microwave on fire anymore!”

(We didn’t need to pull the fire alarm, and the microwave ended up being fine.)

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