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Should Maybe Stop Calling Him “Daddy”

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(I am 17, working as a temporary receptionist for a company where my dad also works. It is my first real job and I am pretty nervous. One of my first calls comes from a client who asks for my dad, but he is currently in a meeting. When I tell the client this, he starts talking about what a great guy my dad is, how smart he is, etc., all the while not knowing that we are related. It is pretty harmless, until…)

Client: “I bet you have a huge crush on him.”

Me: “Well, actual—”

Client: *cutting me off* “Come on, he’s a handsome guy! I’m sure all the girls over there think he’s a cutie.”  

Me: “No, he—”

Client: *cutting me off again* “Oh, it’s okay. You can tell me! I won’t tell anyone.”

Me: *uncomfortably chuckling*

Client: “See! I knew it! You have the hots for him. Ooh, I’m going to tell him!”

Me: “No, you see—”

Client: “You don’t have to be shy! I’m sure he’d be flattered.”

Me: *finally losing patience* “Well, actually, I’m pretty sure I don’t have a crush on my own father.”

Client: “Your father? Whoa! You’re [My Dad]’s daughter?”

Me: “Yes.”

Client: *huffily* “Well, that’s no fun.”

(I offered to transfer him to my dad’s voicemail, which he accepted, but not without letting me know once again that I had ruined his “fun” game.)

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