Should Just Stick To The Figures

| USA | Friendly | March 28, 2017

(My husband, I, and two friends are playing Pictionary. We are on an all-play space which means both teams play from the same clue and whoever guesses it first wins that round. My husband is drawing for me, and Friend #1 is drawing for Friend #2.)

Husband: *looks at clue and scoffs* “We won’t even need the timer for this one. It will be guessed in a second.”

Friend #1: “You’re right! Don’t bother flipping the timer. It’s about whoever draws quicker.”

(They laugh and get ready and have a countdown to start drawing. My husband draws a simple stick man.)

Me: “Person! Man! Woman!”

Friend #2: “People? Person! Human!”

(Both drawers circle and point at their man drawings with great emphasis.)

Me & Friend #2: “Head? Body parts? Hair?”

(We just list off everything we can think of to do with a person. If there had been a timer we would have been past it by now, but we keep playing anyway.)

Friend #1: *finally fed up, he jumps up and runs outside and runs back in and brandishes a tree branch while pointing to his man drawing*

Me & Friend #2: *at the exact same time* “Oh! Stick figure!”

(We had to replay a different word since we had said it at the same time. But who knew stick figure would be so hard to guess?)

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