Should Have Throne Up By Now

| KY, USA | Romantic | December 3, 2012

(My fiancé and I are both huge nerds; we love anything Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, or Harry Potter-related. We are texting each other goodnight.)

Fiancé: “I want to kiss you, keeper of my heart.”

Me: “My sun and stars.”

Fiancé: “Moon of my life. Jalan atthirari anni.*’The Moon of my life’ in Dothraki.)

Me: “You’re the Mickey to my Minnie.”

Fiancé: “You’re the TARDIS to my Doctor.”

Me: “You’re the Rory to my Amy.”

Fiancé: “I’ll be your centurion.”

Me: “Aw, I won’t live in a world without you in it.”

Fiancé: “Sweet dreams my Khaeesi.”

(I knew I picked the right man to say ‘yes’ to!)

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