Should Have Taken A Pregnant Pause

| Working | January 10, 2016

(I’m a cashier and normally I’ll try to strike up conversations with my customers. One day, this customer comes in buying a ton of toys, and I ask her what the occasion is.)

Customer: “Oh it’s my daughters’ birthdays!”

Me: “How fun! How old are they turning?”

Customer: “Five and four! It’s a bit of a headache, though, since my daughters’ birthdays are so close together! They’re thirteen months apart!”

(We continue the conversation and transaction pleasantly, but the entire time I’m wondering how thirteen months means that their birthdays could be close. Finally, I get to the end of the transaction.)

Me: “Your total will be [amount]… OHHH I must have misheard you earlier. You said THREE months, didn’t you? Yeah, that must have been a pain to have two daughters three months apart!”

Customer: “….?”

(Other customers in the line are snickering.)

Me: “Let’s… Just forget I said that….. Have a coupon!”

(Retail does stuff to your brain.)

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