Should Have Stayed Still Like A Statue

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(My husband and I have been planning a long road trip for over a year. Unfortunately, just days before we leave, I injure my leg badly enough that I need crutches. We decide to go on the trip anyway, even though we’ll have to skip some activities we were really looking forward to. We’re a few days into the trip at the end of a long day. Since the attraction we just visited is very popular, it has an enormous parking lot. I would have trouble making it to the car on my crutches. My husband goes to get the car while I wait near the drop-off/pick-up area. There’s a ring of benches around a statue, and I sit on one. Several minutes later, a man with a camera approaches me.)

Man: “Hey, could you move? I want to take a picture of the statue.”

(This is a bit unexpected, as the statue is nothing special; I’ve seen similar ones at gas stations in the area. However, not wanting to be rude, I slide to the other end of the bench.)

Man: *huffing in annoyance* “I said move!”

(I’m starting to get annoyed at his rudeness, but I hobble over to the next bench.)

Man: “Are you deaf? I said move!

(At this point, there’s nowhere else for me to move and still sit, and I’m not blocking a picture of the statue at all. I’d be in a picture of the whole area, but so would a lot of other people who the man isn’t asking to move. I realize that the only difference between me and the other people is that they don’t have any visible injuries or disabilities. Seeing now that the man is just being rude and discriminatory, I elect to ignore him. He yells at me until I see a familiar car and get up to leave.)

Man: “FINALLY!” *huffing in annoyance again* “Oh, for f***’s sake!”

(I turn back around before getting in the car and see that a family is now sitting on the bench I originally occupied. They have a little girl in a wheelchair. Knowing that he can’t get away with harassing a disabled child in public, the man gives up and walks away, muttering about rude people.)

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