Should Have Personally Promoted The End Of The Promotion

, , , | Right | October 23, 2018

(I work at a very large coffee chain that sells a nationally-adored product known as the timbit. For the month of August, our chain is featuring ten packs for a dollar with the purchase of a drink, which is an immensely popular promotion. The deal is over on August 31st, which is posted along with the advertisement, and most people have no problem accepting this. I am on drive-thru, on August 31st, less than an hour into my shift.)

Customer: “…two XL coffees and a ten pack.”

Me: “Sounds good, sir, but just so you know, the ten pack for a $1 promotion has ended today, so they will be the usual $2.30.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “The promotion has ended, sir.”

Customer: “Why has it ended?”

Me: “The promotion was for the month of August; it has now ended across all locations. Sorry about that!”

(The man leaves the speaker without another word and drives up. He is in the car with his wife. I ring up his coffees and apologize again. He won’t drop it.)

Customer: “Why do you wait until we get here to tell us that the promotion has ended? Nobody told us!”

Me: “Sir, the signs were up all month and did state that the deal would end on August 31st.”

Customer: *really angry now* “YOU CANNOT WAIT UNTIL WE GET HERE to tell us that the promotion has ended!”

(All I was thinking was, “What were we supposed to do? Call you at home and let you know? Sorry, I didn’t have your phone number.” What I actually did was apologize again, thank him, and wish him and his wife a nice day. The man gave me a sarcastic laugh then drove off. About five minutes later, he and his wife were in the store front. They asked for my manager and complained about the issue further. My manager kept telling them the same thing, but they would not accept the fact that nobody informed them about the promotion’s end. I still have no idea how he expected us to let him know, aside from it being posted on the sign all month. He lodged a formal complaint against my store. All we could do was laugh about it.)

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