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Should Have Ordered The Psychic Chicken

, , , | Right | May 23, 2019

(A woman brings her family in with her in the middle of our lunch rush and orders for herself, her husband, and her two sons. She asks for a #5 combo meal, which is a hamburger with cheese and bacon. The #6, right next to it on the menu, is a chicken sandwich. I read her family’s order back to her, giving the meal numbers exactly as she had given them to me, and she agrees that the order is correct. Not long after their lunch is brought out to them, I see her and her husband arguing and gesturing in the direction of the counter. I overhear bits of what’s being said and gather enough to know that she is unhappy with her food and mentally prepare for the complaints. She stands up from her table quickly followed by her husband.)

Husband: “Did she repeat your order?”

Wife: “Yes.”

Husband: “And did you correct her and ask for the chicken, instead?”

Wife: “No. But she should’ve known!”

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