Should Have Left On “Nothing Left”

| Right | July 30, 2017

(I am working at a food stand that sells fried snacks. The stand has no indoor seating area, so bad weather often scares away business. We are in the middle of a cold snap and business has been very slow. As a result, my coworkers and I have gotten nearly all of our cleaning and closing procedures for the night finished by closing time. Just as we are about to close for the night, one customer walks up to the counter.)

Customer: “Hey, do you guys have anything left to sell?”

Coworker: *seeing that we have literally one item left* “Yeah, we have one left. Did you want it?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’ll take it.” *calling out* “Hey, they’ve got stuff over here!”

(The customer was joined by three more people who proceeded to make their own orders. Since we had nothing left, we were forced to prepare new food from scratch, using the utensils we had just finished cleaning, which meant that it took more than twice as long as usual to actually make the food and serve it, to say nothing of cleaning all over again. And all after closing.)

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