Should Have Kicked This Gift Horse In The Mouth

| Working | March 17, 2014

(It is gift card season. A customer is looking for a gift card in a certain price range; however, none of our services are in that range. She leaves and my boss runs after her and drags her out of her car and leads her back into our spa.)

Boss: “Can I ask who this is for?”

Customer: “My fiancé’s brother.”

Boss: “Okay. Soon to be family, so you want to get him something nice.”

Customer: “Yes, but this is just too much money that I do not have.”

Boss: “Now, just listen to me. Are you listening to me? I don’t think this is too much. Remember, cheap is not always better.”

Customer: *begins to cry* “I understand but I am trying to save money for my wedding.”

Boss: “You’re not listening to me. I would be upset if my girlfriend’s sister didn’t get me a nice gift. If you’re not going to bother spending money on something really nice, that they would really enjoy, why buy them a gift at all?”

(She ends up buying the gift card, still in tears over the whole thing.)

Boss: “You are making the right choice today. I am glad you made the right choice.”

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