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Should Have Kept All The Oreos Locked Down

| Learning | September 7, 2016

(My class is doing a lock down drill, so we are in a supply closet.)

Student #1: “I’m hungry and lunch isn’t soon enough for me!”

Teacher: “What lunch do you have?”

Student #1: “Third lunch and it is only homeroom now.”

(One of my classmates starts opening every drawer in the supply closet and finds Oreos and Doritos.)

Student #2: “I found food! We are saved!”

Student #3: “FOOOOOOOOD!”

Student #4: “Give me the Oreos!”

(My classmates start eating and passing around the food. then my friend says something that the whole class won’t forget.)

Friend: “Are Oreos supposed to fart or was that just me?”

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