Should Have Just Left It There

, , , | Right | October 29, 2019

(I work as a receptionist at a local service company. We have a protected entrance so I ask visitors what they need before buzzing them in. The window in front of me has a slot to pass items through, but we have taped it off and have a sign saying, “Please do not use the slot. Thank you.”)

Me: “Good afternoon! How can I help you?”

Teenager: “[Employee].”

Me: “He is not in right now; can I take a message?”

Teenager: “Give him this.” *tries to shove an envelope into the blocked slot*

Me: “Please don’t use the slot. I can buzz you in and make sure [Employee] gets the envelope when he comes to work.” 

Teenager: *in a mimicking voice* “‘Don’t use the slot.'” *tosses the envelope onto the hallway floor, forcing me to leave my office* “There. Now you have to work for your pay like a good dog.” *leaves*

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