Should Have Had The Farsight To Run When They Approached You

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Me: “Hi. What can I help you with?”

(The customer points to a top on a bust form high on a wall on the other side of shop.)

Customer: “Where is that?”

(I lead her to it.)

Customer: “How much is it?”

Me: “It’s still full price.”

Customer: “So, how much is that?”

(I think she’s being either lazy or entitled, not bothering to look at the tag, but I tell her the price.)

Customer: “I think I need a medium.” *turns and points to an item on a mannequin on the far side of the store, where we were before* “Where is that one?”

(I walk her to it, and we go through about the same scenario. Repeat a couple more times. I’m starting to feel like a ping-pong ball, bouncing between sides of the store.)

Customer: “Where are the sales racks?”

Me: “Any rack with a small sign on the top is a sales rack; the sign tells you how much they’re discounted.”

Customer: “Let’s go look at them.”

(I take her to a rack, and she pulls out a shirt almost at random.)

Customer: “How much is this one?”

(I’m kind of startled that she can’t figure half-price in her head, but I tell her.)

Customer: “Okay, find me a medium and a large.”

(We repeat this two or three more times, too. I’m starting to feel bad about neglecting the other customers in the store, having to follow this woman around like a personal servant.)

Customer: “Okay, I think I’m ready to try them on. Where are your dressing rooms?”

(I lead her to a pair of rooms on the side wall. The rooms bump out into the store, but the doors are in the sides facing each other, and there’s a mirrored wall between. I opened a door for her, then turned and watched as she WALKED INTO THE MIRROR. Every time she tried on a new piece, she came out of her dressing room and stood eight to ten feet back from the mirror between them. That’s when I realized that she was extremely farsighted; not only could she not focus to read but probably couldn’t even see someone standing right in front of her clearly. That’s the reason she kept focusing on things high up and far away, and asking me to read all the price tags. As I watched her walk out after making her purchase, I also realized she was DRIVING A CAR LIKE THAT.)

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