Should Have Googled The Solution  

, , , | Right | October 24, 2019

(As I am sat at my desk working, a customer approaches me, clearly frustrated.)

Patron: “Your Internet isn’t working.”

Me: “It should be working. What have you typed in?”

Patron: “Google.”

Me: “Okay, let me come look.”

(I get to the patron’s computer and they have literally just typed in “GOOGLE” in the website address bar. No “dot-com”.)

Me: “Have you tried putting ‘google-dot-com’ in the website address bar instead of just ‘Google’?”

Patron: “Erm… no.”

Me: “Well, give that a go and see if that works.”

(The patron proceeds to type it and presses enter, and the Google search engine appears on the screen.)

Patron: “Oh, erm… It’s working now.”

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