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Should Have Checked Beforehand

| Right | May 8, 2017

(I am cashiering on this day. Our check machine keeps customer’s check information on file, via their license number and phone number, so that they don’t have to fill out the whole thing every time. The machine requests this information the first time the customer uses a check at that store, and from time to time, it “renews” by asking for the information again. Fraud prevention and all that. I ring up the items, and then give the customer the total. Mind you, we have been chatting the whole time and are both in a decent mood.)

Customer: *hands me the check* “I’ll need it for the amount, please.”

Me: “Sure thing.” *inserts check, the machine prompts for ID* “Do you have your ID on you today, ma’am?”

Customer: *perplexed* “I’m using a check… I shouldn’t need ID.”

Me: “Every now and then, the register requests this information to make sure someone hasn’t stolen your check.”

Customer: “That’s all fine and dandy, but can’t I just cancel and run it as credit or something?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t skip this step.”

Customer: *suddenly very angry, yanks ID out of her wallet and literally throws it at me, hitting me in the chest and it fluttering to the ground* “Whatever. Just hurry up.”

(I calmly pick the ID up, enter the needed information, and the check machine prompts for the customer’s signature and acceptance of check policy. The rest of the transaction is silent up until the receipt prints and the check is ready to give back to her. I attach the two, hold them out to her, and in the loudest, most polite voice I can manage, speak to her:)


Customer: *long sigh, shakes head* “Whatever… It’s fine.” *storms off*

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