Should Have Capped It At Capsicum

, , , , | Right | January 25, 2020

(I have an unusual combination of uncommon allergies, including tomatoes and capsicum. I’ve taken to joking about being “that guest” wherever I go, because feeding me can be a challenge. I am at a friend’s wedding, and the first dish is served without issue. However, when the main is served, I notice the steak is served with a roasted tomato.)

Me: “Um, I’m really sorry, but I’m allergic to tomatoes.”

Server: “Wait, really? But it’s not on the list!”

(She shows me. Everything else is there, but not tomatoes. Because the skin has split, I can’t eat the dish, and the other meal has tomatoes, too. She takes it away and returns with the vegan meal. I’m a little disappointed, particularly since it looks like there is chili in the quinoa, which I hate, but nevertheless start nibbling one piece of cauliflower. The server comes racing back to me.)

Server: “Put that down! Don’t eat it!”

Me: “What?”

Server: “The quinoa has capsicum in it!”

(The table laughed at me getting two meals each with a different allergen in it. I was amazed I’d really become “that guest.” The third dish they gave me was happily free of all foods I am allergic to.)

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