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Should Have Called The Police: He’s Toast!

, , , | Right | July 28, 2021

The store is running a promotion on toasters for only €5. One customer waiting in line to buy one is muttering that it’s probably useless, won’t work, etc. When I serve him, he says the same to me — it’s probably cheap rubbish, etc. I smile and assure him that it still comes with a twelve-month warranty; it’s just a special we are running. He just grunts and leaves with his toaster.

Two minutes later, he bursts back through the door, yelling and screaming.

Customer: “I knew it wouldn’t work! It’s just rubbish!”

He’s now red in the face with rage. He throws the toaster across the counter. It narrowly misses me and it breaks with the force. All the customers in line are horrified.

Customer: “I demand a refund! And I’m going to report this store for selling faulty goods!”

I remain perfectly calm throughout the whole episode, waiting for the tirade to finish. Finally, I get my chance to speak.

Me: “How do you know it doesn’t work, sir?”

Customer: “I took it out of the box in my car and nothing happened when I tried to push the button.”

Me: “So, you have a domestic electrical socket in your car?”

The customer’s face went blank as he slowly realised what he’d done. Some of the customers in line were chuckling. I picked up the broken toaster off the floor and offered it back to the customer. He slowly took it and the pieces that had broken off and left the store with his head down and face bright red. Best day ever!

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